25.5.2019 Lehmus Roastery

Roastery Days

Discover the origin of coffee.

Discover the real nature of coffee

What is an artisan coffee roastery? What makes high quality and sustainable coffee? How do professionals brew amazing coffee?

What is it about?

The Roastery Days is a coffee carnival held at various roasteries. Anyone can attend free of charge.

The idea is to have fun and explore the roasteries, the roasting process, and the story behind specialty coffee.
Every roastery has its own approach to coffee, which you can experience through a wide range of different flavors.

The Roastery Days are comprised of many individual events over the year. Usually, each roastery has their own day, which is typically a Saturday.

The Roasteries are easily reachable by public transport. Attending the events and program is free of charge.

The Roastery Days have been organised since 2015, which made the Roastery Days of 2019 the fourth in a row.

The Roastery Days 2019:
19.1.2019 Kaffa Roastery, Helsinki
25.5.2019 Lehmus Roastery, Kahiwa Coffee Roasters and Inka Paahtimo, Lappeenranta









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Attending the Roastery Days is easy, fun and free of charge. This time, the Roastery Days will be a full blown coffee carnival, as we will have three roasteries! Meet Lehmus Roastery, Inka Paahtimo and Kahiwa Coffee Roastersin Lappeenranta at the biggest Roastery Days yet!

The next Roastery Days will be held on 25.5.2019 at the Lehmus Roastery coffee shop Satamatie 6 in Lappeenranta. The program starts at 10 AM and ends at 10 PM. Come pop by or spend the whole day!
Sign up for the program will happen at the event.


10.00 Doors open
11.00 Kahiwa Coffee Roasters - Direct trade and Its effects (20 pers.)
12.00 Lehmus Roastery - Coffee tasting (20 pers)
13.00 Inka Paahtimo - Peru (20 pers.)
14.00 Cupping - Kahiwa Coffee Roasters (12 pers.)
15.00 Lehmus Roastery - Coffee tasting (20 pers.)
16.00 Cupping - Inka Paahtimo (12 pers.)

20.00 The Gig starts - Coffee cocktail evening
22.00 Event ending

Lehmus Roastery
I was once helping out at a Helsinki roastery. It popped into my mind that this can't be that complicated. Lappeenranta should have at least one roastery!
Arttu Muukkonen, Lehmus Roastery
Inka Paahtimo
The idea of our own roastery got the final push when we combined the Finns' love for coffee and my personal relationship to Peru, a producer of high quality organic coffee.
Pamela Aranciaga Mauricio, Inka Paahtimo
Kahiwa Coffee Roasters
Direct trade enables ethical production and high quality. It is nice to see in practice how the price can affect developement. This year our partner in Kenya has planted 1000 new coffee trees.
Joonas Reinikainen, Kahiwa Coffee Roasters

Info about coffee and the Roastery Days

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Who is responsible for the Roastery Days?

Our passion is to bring delicious, ecologically and socially sustainable coffees to everyone. We want to make coffee a unique experience to you. The Slurp service maximizes your enjoyment of coffee by shipping freshly roasted coffees straight to your mailbox.
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Roastery Days

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